The Parson Place Press LLC
Founder and Managing Editor

Rev. Michael L. White, Founder and Managing Editor of Parson Place Press LLC Hello! My name is Michael L. White, and I am the founder and Managing Editor of Parson Place Press, a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Please permit me to introduce myself and my company to you.

Like you, I have dreamed of being a published author almost my entire life, since grade school, at least. I know how difficult it is to get an editor even to consider your book proposal for publication, let alone to actually publish it, and I used to have a box full of rejection slips to prove it! In fact, it was the result of this overwhelming sense of discouragement that prompted me to dream yet an even more daring dream than being a published author -- to own and manage my very own Christian publishing house, not only so I could publish my own writings at will, but so I could help other talented authors like you and me get published, too. Indeed, I can hardly believe this wonderfully amazing dream come true that I'm living! If you want to know anything more about me personally, visit my original personal Web site, Parson Place, which is also where I got the name for this company.

Parson Place Press became a reality on April 20, 2006, when I registered it with my Secretary of State as a LLC. It was a dream long in the fulfilling, but at last, it has come true. Now, I can help make others' dreams come true as well. It is just as thrilling for me to help others get published as it is to publish myself.

This desire and decision was finally solidified when I realized that the majority of Christian publishers now require that their new manuscripts for publication come from existing clients (authors they currently publish) or a literary agent (which is almost as hard to obtain as a publisher) or by recommendation from one of their existing clients (which is an even longer shot for unknown authors; after all, how many authors, famous or not, do you know personally?). This seems like an astoundingly unfair practice to me! Therefore, I established Parson Place Press for the express purpose of making the prospect of getting published much easier and less expensive for first-time Christian authors than ever before. Of course, this does not mean that previously published authors are not welcome. I will consider any content that meets my publishing criteria and goals, regardless of the author's personal identity or current writing portfolio.

Let me hasten to clarify, however, that even with my commitment to giving new Christian authors a fair chance to be published, I simply can't publish every manuscript that comes to me, partly because of limited financial resources, and partly because of my strict requirements that the content be conservatively Christian. Hopefully, my financial resources will increase as my collection of published titles becomes larger and more successful, but my insistence on publishing content that maintains the highest fidelity to the primacy of Scripture, and which glorifies Jesus Christ, will not change as long as I am the owner and Managing Editor.

It really is exciting to be published, and I look forward to sharing that excitement with you. Now, I pray that God may bless you as you write for His glory, and may He bless us all as we labor together for Him!

In Christ's Service,
Rev. Michael L. White