Get a Whole New Meaning from Everyday Signs


Cover of Signs of the TimeMay 7, 2013, Parson Place Press, Mobile, Alabama -- When does a posted sign not mean what it says? When we reconsider it from a different point of view. Signs of the Time by Connie Bertelsen Young helps us do precisely that.

Reading signs is simple enough, but interpreting them is a different matter. Not so surprisingly, there can be more than one meaning to every sign. With perceptively keen insight, Connie Bertelsen Young opens up a whole new way of looking at common, everyday signs by applying Biblical truth to them. Signs like "Help Wanted," "Soft Shoulder," "Fragile," and "Caution" take on an entirely different meaning when viewed from a Biblical perspective.  Each chapter ends with Seven SIGNificant Questions for reflection to encourage both individuals and groups to activate Scriptural teaching in their lives. After reading Connie's inspiring insights, you will never read a sign the same way again.

Copies of Signs of the Time may be purchased wherever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Just search on ISBN 978-0-9888528-2-2 to find it. To invite Connie to speak at virtually any gathering, contact her via email at

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