What Is True Christian Faith?


Mobile, Alabama, July 9, 2012 – How does one know what to believe about God, Jesus Christ, or living the Christian life? Can competing theologies such as Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, and Calvinism all be true? Where does one go to find the truth? Does knowing the truth mean the difference between Heaven and Hell? All of these are excellent questions which require solidly good answers before one can proceed with practicing true faith in Jesus Christ, and there’s no better place to start comparing than in the Holy Bible.


Cover of Considering Calvinism: Faith or Fatalism?In his recently released book Considering Calvinism: Faith or Fatalism? Gil VanOrder, Jr. compares just one of these competing theologies with the biblical standard for genuine Christian faith. Gil VanOrder approaches his consideration of Calvinism from a layman's perspective, without the encumbrances of high-minded philosophy or religiosity, and he expounds on the truth of the Bible in order to expose and expel the heresies that contradict it. His power-packed presentation challenges long-held beliefs with biblical evidence. Are you up to the challenge? Read this book to find out now!


Gil VanOrder, Jr. received a B.A. degree in psychology from Houghton College in New York and began a master’s program at Fuller Theological Seminary in California, which was interrupted and never resumed when he moved to Hawaii in 1990. While in Hawaii, he directed a homeless shelter for Catholic Charities for seven years. He has over twenty years of experience in full-time youth evangelism including work with Youth For Christ and Young Life. At various times, he has also been a Sunday school teacher as well as a church youth director.


Today, he lives just north of Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Sandee. They have two children and five grandchildren. He and his wife are members of Sugarloaf United Methodist Church in Suwanee, Georgia.



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