Can We Find Meaning in Our Suffering?


Cover of Lessons from Bradley: Discovering God's Blessing in All ThingsApril 15, 2013, Parson Place Press, Mobile, Alabama -- For millennia, people have been searching for meaning, both in their existence and in their suffering. In this respect, Heather Wanamaker is like everyone else in the human race.

Life can sometimes catch you off-guard and knock you to your knees with a forceful blow. For Heather Wanamaker and her husband, Scott, that blow came with the agonizing reality that their firstborn son, Bradley, was born with extreme oxygen deprivation, which resulted in cerebral palsy and severe impairments. Lessons from Bradley: Discovering God's Blessing in All Things is Heather's personal story of faith in God and triumph over trials and suffering through one of the greatest challenges of her life. Coping with tragedy, grief, and suffering of all kinds can jeopardize one's hopes and dreams, marriage relationship, and faith in God. To discover how Heather learned to cope with this tragedy, read her story now.

Heather is also scheduled to be the guest speaker for a sold-out women's ministries breakfast at Bethesda Christian Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on Saturday, April 20, 2013. She will have copies of her book on hand for both purchase and autographing. More copies may be purchased wherever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For interviews or to invite Heather to speak at virtually any gathering, contact her via email at She may also be reached by phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx.