Parson Place Press LLC

Parson Place Press LLC is a Christian publishing house devoted to giving Christian authors and readers a fair deal. New authors, in particular, will have an easier time being published and read, while Christian readers will have the chance to read literature that might not otherwise be published, not because the literature is necessarily inferior or heretical, but because of so-called salability and marketability.

If you check out any of the other Christian publishers, you will notice a disturbing trend has overtaken them. In order to submit manuscripts to them, they require that an author either already be one of their clients, or have an agent, or be recommended by one of their existing author clients. This is quite unfair and extremely limiting! We want every author to have the same opportunity to be considered for publication, even if he/she is ultimately rejected for publication. At Parson Place Press, we just think that is the only fair way to deal with aspiring writers. Therefore, we will not refuse to consider book proposals from a Christian writer simply because you are a never-before-published, completely unknown author.

Even so, this does not mean that Parson Place Press can accept and publish every book proposal we receive. Unfortunately, because of our small size and modest resources, we are limited in how many titles per year we can publish. Furthermore, our strict standard for publishing conservative content only also narrows the field significantly.

Many, many book proposals are rejected by publishers everyday for one reason or another. It's not because they are bad ideas or even poorly written, though some may fall into those categories, but likely because most book publishers are simply unwilling to take a risk on so many of the authors who submit their books to them everyday. After all, it can be very costly and wasteful to print a large number of books that few people may buy, and to be truly cost-effective for traditional book printing, a large quantity must be printed. This is the catch-22 in which many publishers and authors have found themselves. Well, not anymore.

Enter the print on demand (POD) method of publishing by which books may be printed as they are ordered, one at a time or a whole case at a time, without the significant, up-front monetary investment required to print large quantities in advance, which may or may not be sold to get back one's investment. Using the POD method, it's less risky to take a chance on a new author these days, and because of this method, Parson Place Press LLC was established.

If you are a good writer, and by that, we mean, if you are able to string together a series of intelligible sentences that hold a reader's interest, then you have a fairer chance of getting published at Parson Place Press than perhaps anywhere else in the publishing industry right now. Of course, the only place where you're guaranteed to be published is with one of the many POD self-publishing (aka subsidy) companies that have arisen out of this very popular method, and even that depends upon whether or not you can afford their fees.

Since Parson Place Press is not a self-publishing company, there are no fees for you to pay in order to be published -- just the expectation of sharing in the profits of your published work, and at a 50% even split, even that is fairer to you, the author, than you'll likely find anywhere else. Furthermore, because we pay no advances, every sale of your book is shared with you from the very beginning. You don't have to wait until your book has earned back the advance paid to you before you can start enjoying the profits of its sales.

Truly, the POD publishing method appears to be a great panacea for both authors and publishers, and even the reading public benefits, too, because now, books that might not have been published before have a chance to be published and read by more than just the author and his/her family and closest friends. However, the real challenge still remains in the promotion of each book. While Parson Place Press will submit your book to be listed in the catalog of newly-published books which book distributors, wholesalers, retailers, libraries, etc. use to make their purchasing decisions, there's no guarantee that the buying, reading public will hear about it so they can do the same. Therefore, it's up to you, the author, to promote it however and wherever you can, as often as you can.

Press releases are an effective means of getting media attention, when they're well-written, and Parson Place Press will submit a limited number of press releases on your behalf to your local media and area bookstores at no cost if you will provide us with the contacts, but you may want to consider hiring a publicist to bring out the really big guns. It's entirely up to you and the constraints of your budget.

To learn how to submit book proposals to Parson Place Press for consideration for publication, please browse the "Author Guidelines" page for full details. Everything you need to know and do is covered there.